#3 Healthy Life

#3 Healthy Life


COURSE 3: HEALTHY LIFE-Freida Graves Demetrius Amey

You can control what you put into your mouth! There are a lot of things that you cannot control in life.  You cannot control the weather, the air that you breathe and you cannot control the people around you.  But you can control what you put into your mouth.  Many people don’t realize today the reason they don’t feel well and the reason they don’t have any energy.  Americans lead the world in heart disease and we have more cancer here per person than any other nation. We are the heaviest country with more people overweight.  And a lot of times, you’re praying for a miracle (which is good). You really need a lifestyle change.


How to develop better eating habits.Begin to take care of your temple.Hands-on live cooking demonstrations 

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