About Emerge Inc



Emerge Women we know that when we are empowered we can change ourselves and the things that we want to change in the world.  We believe it is crucial that this message is spread far and wide and also that individuals have the tools and self-esteem to break negative cycles of behavior and become strong role models who can empower the next generation.

Emerge Women is a social enterprise which takes an inter-generational approach to inspire and empower change, thereby supporting people to make the first step towards being the change they want to see in their world.  We do this by promoting the development of self-esteem in all those we work with, providing information, resources and events, in addition to creating a dynamic and mutual network of supporters.


Of course, we want to see a society where everyone is empowered, but we are starting with women.  Women are often the catalyst for change in the family, society, and the workplace.  We want to tackle a lack of self-esteem.

(please add this quote horizontally from end to end: “I know that women have a unique and special energy and when you put many women together, you have a force that can move mountains and does!”


At our core, we are a community organization training provider; our programs impart what we have learned and what others have learned to those who need it often in areas of and those who are disadvantaged, but also to those who need empowerment from all areas of society.

The second part of our program focuses on peer to peer. We continue supporting women along the next part of their journey, from empowerment to action and showing them how they can inspire others.


Lashawn launched Emerge Women in 2017 after the deaths of both her mothers within two weeks apart.  She was passionate about having a network where women really felt the support of others, where they could flourish and grow where they could empower themselves and those around them.

We are governed and supported by our Board of Directors, who volunteer and bring a range of skills to our organization including Business Consultancy, Finance, Goverance and Fundraising.  We are supported by advisors with specialist skills such as Web Design, Social Media and Marketing and also benefit from several experience business mentors.